Sarah’s Search for Identity

Facing Change: Reflections on Civic Health & Social Trust from University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, Colorado), Immigration
Pike's Peak

If only I had dogs to play with,

People to share my worries with,

Family to keep me grounded,

Perhaps I would not have left Japan.

“Better life” beckoned us

But I felt unsafe,



From place to place–

Utah, Parker, Greeley–

We searched for identity

But never found it,

Separated from the others by

Language and money and looks.

It took seven years

For Greeley to be our home,

For us to find comfort,



Now, content with our present

We immerse ourselves in the past,

Museums to give us images

Of the places we left behind,

Of memories we never lived,

Of those who feel the same.

Because we know how they feel,

Because they said goodbye,

Because alienation

Is a disease we can fight.

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About The Facing Project:

The Facing Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that connects people through stories to strengthen communities. The organization’s model to share stories and raise awareness is in cities across the United States focused on topics such as poverty, sex trafficking, mental health, immigration, and more. Facing Project stories are compiled into books and on the web for a community resource, used to inspire art, photography, monologues and—most importantly—community-wide awareness, dialogue, action, and change toward a more understanding and empathetic society.

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