How to Start a Facing Project

Bring The Facing Project to your community

The Facing Project is a nonprofit that creates a more understanding and empathetic world through stories that inspire action, and we work with community leaders, educators, government officials, and artists to develop a steering committee to determine the topic/issue their community would like to “face.”

Once determined, the steering committee is trained on The Facing Project model, and local writers and storytellers are recruited and paired one-on-one for listening sessions to collaborate on first-person narratives told from the perspective of the storytellers.

These stories are published in a book through The Facing Project Press, distributed throughout the community as a resource, brought to life on stage through theatre, and then used in listening circles at various locations (libraries, schools, colleges/universities, etc.) to provide a facilitated opportunity for members of the broader community to have safe spaces to explore the issue/topic, ask tough questions, and dig deeper into the human condition that connects us all.

3 Ways To Run A Facing Project in Your Community

Tell us about your community

Let’s start the process. Tell us about your community and the topic you’d like to face. We’ll review your information and setup a time to discuss how a Facing Project can make the biggest impact in your community.