How To Share My Story

Are you ready to share your story?

Are you ready to help someone share theirs? Now you don’t have to wait for a project in your community. You can contribute a story wherever you are on any topic.

Join our project as a writer or storyteller and you’ll collaborate on a story that will be included in our archives at Ball State University, featured online, and possibly air on our NPR show.

All stories are told using The Facing Project model. This means you aren’t alone. Each story is a collaboration between writer and storyteller. If you’ve already signed up, you can review the guidelines and submit your story here.

If you are interested in starting your own Facing Project initiative, please click here to get started.

Step One: Register

In what role would you like to participate?

(Definitions: Storyteller = person sharing their lived experience; Writer = collaborator who listens to storyteller and helps create and organize an approximately 1,000 word story based on their conversation)

Step 2: Read our 10 tips for Writing a Facing Project story. If you don’t follow the model, we can’t publish your story. So please read!!!

Step 3: Collaborate with your partner on a first-person narrative told from the storyteller’s perspective.

Step 4: Submit your story. Include the writer’s and storyteller’s (unless remaining anonymous) names and contact info in your document.

Step 5: Our editors will review your story (please allow up to three weeks), make suggestions, and get back to you.

Step 6: Read and sign the agreement for your role (Storyteller Release or  Writer Release). Both writer and storyteller must complete their forms in order to be included in the project. (Note: you retain rights to the story, but grant us the rights to share the stories in all the ways stories can be shared.)

Step 7: Your editor will send you instructions on how to finalize your story for acceptance.

Step 8: Congrats! Your story will be published on The Facing Project site.