Writer Release

The Facing Project Writer Release
The Facing Project Gives, Inc., d/b/a The Facing Project, thanks you for agreeing to provide free-lance writing services by writing a story (the “Work”) for the Facing Project. Please acknowledge your agreement to the following terms:

You agree to provide your services without charge, and in return, The Facing Project agrees provide you with training and guidance, and to publish the Work on its website, facingproject.com. The Work may also be published in other media as well, and in each case you will be credited as the storywriter for the Work. You agree that this is good and adequate consideration for your services.

You own and retain all right title and interest in the Work. You grant to The Facing Project and its licensees, successors and assigns, a perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive and royalty-free license to use the Work, in all formats and media, whether now known and existing or hereafter discovered or developed, for all or any purposes whatsoever, including but not limited to, the right to (a) modify, edit, combine with other materials, translate, include in collective works and create derivative works, and (b) reproduce, perform, display and transmit in whole or in part or as modified or adapted by The Facing Project.

You further waive any claim relating to rights of privacy or publicity, confidentiality, or otherwise.

You warrant that the Work will be original Work of authorship, will not infringe upon the rights of any third party, and will not be defamatory.

If the foregoing terms meet with your approval, please agree below.

Very truly yours,

The Facing Project