Featured Story of the Week: The Hamburger Guy

Homelessness, Hope

Facing Project stories capture the connection between humans in a way that is a snippet in time—just a moment in someone’s life. But those moments often define character and situation. One constant theme we’ve seen in Facing Project stories is the unstoppable draw to connect with humankind even in his/her darkest hour.

One such story is The Hamburger Guy: Eddie’s Story, from Facing Homelessness in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Written by the Fort Wayne project’s co-organizer Bethany Pruitt, Eddie’s Story shares one man’s courage to listen to those who’ve lost hope.

One night, we ran into a homeless guy who was drunk and crying because his son died and he couldn’t make it to the funeral. He didn’t want anybody to fix him. He needed someone to listen, and we were there for him. Another night we found a man with a rope tossed around the bridge ready to kill himself. And we just listened.

And sometimes those voices need food. And in those instances Eddie listens and gives them a hamburger. And hamburgers have turned into friendships and those friendships have turned into opportunities for a few who have found their forever homes.

This week’s Featured Story is The Hamburger Guy: Eddie’s Story.


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