Utah Campuses Will Connect People Through Stories

Facing Stories

In late spring we announced our partnership with 14 state Campus Compacts that will bring the Facing Project model to 70 new campuses/communities across the country. Over the past few weeks we have announced them on our site as the colleges and universities are selected in each state. This week we are excited to announce two new Utah-based projects through the partnership with Utah Campus Compact.

Salt Lake Community College (Salt Lake City, UT):
Under the direction of Sean Crossland, the Assistant Director for the Thayne Center for Service & Learning, Salt Lake Community College will embed The Facing Project into the SLSS2100 course: Developing the Civically Engaged Leader—a required course for all Civically Engaged Scholars and Student Leaders in Civic Engagement (SLiCE). Students and community partners will select a topic to face in the fall.

Utah State University (Logan, UT): Facing Depression
Under the direction of Nelda Ault and Jenni Allred from the Center for Civic Engagement and Service-Learning, this project will tell the stories from the perspectives of those who face depression each day.

These Facing Projects will bring together community partners, college students, storytellers, writers, artists, volunteers and their broader communities to learn from the first-person stories of their neighbors—and to be inspired by the stories to create new, hyper-local conversations and action.

We will share more details about each of these projects as they roll out over the next year.

If you would like to bring The Facing Project model to your campus/community, check out our Info. Guide and let us know if you’d like to connect.

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