California Campuses Will Tell Stories of Community Activism and Life on Minimum Wage

Facing Stories

A few weeks back we announced our partnership with 14 state Campus Compacts that will bring the Facing Project model to 70 new campuses/communities across the country. Over the coming weeks we will announce them on our site as the colleges and universities are selected in each state. This week, we are excited to welcome two new California-based projects through the partnership with California Campus Compact. Both projects will be based at California State University Monterey Bay and tackle two different topics.

  • Facing Community Activism will be led by the Division of Humanities and Communications—in partnership with the Service Learning Institute, Oral History and Community Memory Archive, and the People’s Oral History Project—under the leadership of faculty members Kristen LaFollette and Kyle Livie.


  • Facing Minimum Wage will be led by the Visual and Public Art Department under the direction of faculty members Angelica Muro and Dionicio Mendoza, along with The Center for Community Advocacy in Salinas, California.

In addition to these two new projects, The Facing Project Chapter at UCLA has announced they will take on their third Facing Project in the 2016-2017 academic year. UCLA joined The Facing Project in 2014.

These Facing Projects will bring together community partners, college students, storytellers, writers, artists, volunteers and their broader communities to learn from the first-person stories of their neighbors—and to be inspired by the stories to create new, hyper-local conversations and action.

We will share more details about each of these projects as they roll out over the next year.

If you would like to bring The Facing Project model to your campus/community, check out our Info. Guide and let us know if you’d like to connect.

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