10 Ways to Show Your Gratitude, Beyond Giving Thanks

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We’ve all seen the posts on Social Media for 30 Days of Giving Thanks because November is, well, the month of Thanksgiving. While the holiday itself has a checkered past, one positive is the overall theme of giving thanks is woven throughout the month. And to give thanks means someone took the time to give, and in return another was open to receiving. A connection between two people was made.

At The Facing Project, we believe human connection is the way to strengthen our communities. While on the surface it may seem we do that through storytelling, which is true, the overarching goals are to create the connections by listening and understanding.

To support 30 Days of Giving Thanks and to spark connection and conversation, we’ve compiled our Top 10 List to Create Connections (and conversations) in Your Communities.

  1. Spontaneously take baked goods to your neighbors.
  2. Tell a relative and/or friend what you cherish about your relationship (in person!).
  3. Send notes of appreciation to friends/family members/colleagues.
  4. Tag someone in a post on social media and commend the good work they’re doing in their community.
  5. Ask someone how their day has been, and authentically listen without interjecting.
  6. Plan an impromptu outing for a friend in need.
  7. Treat someone you know to dinner.
  8. Treat a stranger to dinner by paying it forward and covering their bill.
  9. Plan a Thanksgiving-themed block party for your neighborhood.
  10. Volunteer at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving Day, and break bread with the residents.

And most important of all—make a commitment to yourself, and to your community, to give your time/talents/treasure beyond this holiday season. It will open connections and conversations beyond what you’ve ever imagined, and you’ll thank yourself later for being brave enough to create new experiences and new understandings.

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