Facing Stories: BuzzFeed and Elle Writer Ashley Ford Discusses All Things Writing, Relationships, and Finding Your Voice

Facing Stories

Ashely Ford is making waves in the literary world with her personal essays that tackle tough topics. Whether she writes about abuse, sexual violence, or being a queer woman, Ashley has put her own experiences out there to give a voice to others.

Within four years of coming onto the scene with the publication of her essay, SINS OF MY FATHER (PANK Magazine, Issue 6, 2011), Ashley has written for BuzzFeed, Elle Magazine, The Rumpus, The Toast, and The Butter, just to name a few. Additionally, she was a featured writer on Lena Dunham’s book tour for NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL, and she has interviewed celebrities ranging from Stacey Dash to American Horror Story’s Erika Ervin.

Ashley was recently in Muncie, Indiana, for the Midwest Writers Workshop, and our very own J.R. Jamison sat down with her to discuss her decision to become a narrative nonfiction essayist (5:10), how writing connects people (10:05), her personal relationships with Roxane Gay and Lena Dunham (16:41), the importance of finding a writing partner (21:09) and how that has led to a forthcoming book (NOT THAT BAD) with Roxane Gay, the work she has done in the Ferguson community (34:58), and her new visual art and photography project: Worn to Death (41:04). She also dropped some sound advice to aspiring writers (51:57). Much was covered!

The full interview can be viewed below. There are technical difficulties for 45 seconds at the beginning, but if you get past that we promise this interview will give you life.

SPOILER ALERT: J.R. may or may not give a hug.

You can find Ashley online at: http://www.ashleycford.net/.

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