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Facing Stories

This month brings on the heat, BBQs, 4th of July celebrations, and . . . the anniversary of The Facing Project.

Two years ago, we formed as an official organization and moved out of the pilot stage and into communities across the country. Since that time, nearly 25 communities, seven college chapters, and more than 2,000 writers, actors, storytellers, and volunteers have come together to focus on hyper-local issues by partnering writers with individuals who have a story to share but often not the platform to do so. The stories have then created community conversations to connect people across socio-economic and political lines, locally and nationally.

We’ve seen stories change policies, develop spin-off initiatives such as sleeping bag programs for the homeless and human trafficking art exhibits in international airports, and the stories have helped leverage funds in communities to continue awareness on challenging topics.

It has been an amazing ride to watch the project grow, and we owe all of the goodwill to the communities who have believed in the model and were empowered to tell their own stories. As we head past our two year mark, we want you to be a part of the story. If you feel like your community could benefit from a Facing Project, please let us know.

In the meantime, explore the website, take a look at the Featured Stories and Facing Stories Series in the newsletter, use Facing Project stories to create conversations in your community, and let us know what questions you might have.

J.R. & Kelsey

Co-Founders, The Facing Project

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