Annie Persons ’15 on Why Facing Rockbridge is Important

Facing Sexual Violence in Rockbridge County, Virginia

I am involved in the Facing Project because the issue of sexual violence is one that negatively affects not just college-aged women such as myself, but also all men and women in the communities where it exists. I firmly believe that much of addressing sexual violence will be accomplished by spreading awareness of the issue, which is the goal of the Facing Project.

Going into the project, I thought that I already had a firm basis of knowledge about sexual violence, particularly how it relates to the related topic of feminism. However, through discussion with fellow project leaders as well as our partners at Project Horizon, my belief in the importance of fighting sexual violence has grown. I have also developed a firm belief in the power of storytelling both through working for the project and through discussions in my creative writing classes. Storytelling and its vitality has also appeared as a central part of my English honors thesis.

The Facing Project combines my strong desire to combat sexual assault with my love of writing and belief in its ability as a transformational tool. I am in charge of the writing team, and as we move forward with the project, I plan to put my utmost effort into organizing and inspiring the team members as they help carry out the project’s mission.

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Annie Persons '15
Annie Persons ’15

This post originally appeared in Facing Sexual Violence in Rockbridge County, a publication of The Facing Project that was organized by Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia.

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