2014 Year in Review

Facing Stories

Since The Facing Project is headquartered in Muncie, Indiana—which happens to be the home of David Letterman—we’ve decided to do a Top 10 Year in Review for 2014. Also, we like to be a little cliché at times. At any rate, here are some highlights from the last year.

Top 10 things that happened with The Facing Project in 2014 (in no particular order):

10. The Facing Project was named one of three oral history projects to watch by The Huffington Post.

9. The Facing Project was featured by well-known national outlets including The Huffington Post, Harlem World Magazine, NPR, PBS, and Soul Train (yes, that Soul Train – we didn’t have to participate in a dance line, either).

8. J.R. became BFFs with Senator Mitch McConnell at Union College’s Facing Addiction event.

7. We completed another project in our hometown of Muncie.

6. Nine new projects came on board.

5. And this powerful performance happened in Atlanta, Georgia, that has shaped the way Facing stories are shared.

4. We had our first two interns: Josh and Amber

3. Facing Project stories continue to be used by educators in classrooms across the country, and we learned that the Indiana State Police is using Facing Project stories in their officer training program.

2. J.R. and Kelsey were invited to speak at eight different events, which spread Facing Project stories to thousands of people.

1. We started a Featured Story of the Week to showcase the diversity of Facing Project stories while highlighting communities, writers, and storytellers.

Thank you for being a part of our story. Here’s to things to come in 2015!

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