Featured Story of the Week: The Story of a Librarian

Abuse, Hunger, Poverty

We’re told good stories have resolutions, but sometimes they don’t. Occasionally, stories share a flash in time that can be painful to read and hear, but teach us lessons without any definitive answers. This week’s Featured Story, The Story of a Librarian, is one such narrative.

From “Facing Hunger in Manhattan, Kansas,” The Story of a Librarian is written from the perspective of a young woman who reached for the American Dream and lost her footing at the hands of others—toppling down in a painful fall. She has yet to completely lift herself up, but shares her story so others understand that poverty, pain, and hunger can happen to anyone at a moment’s notice.

The book release and monologues for “Facing Hunger in Manhattan, Kansas,” debut this Sunday, October 12th, at the Manhattan Arts Center.

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