National Attention Reminds Us that Stories Build Community

In the past week The Facing Project has been featured by The Huffington Post, Soul Train, and Harlem World Magazine as one of three “oral history” projects everyone should know.

Before last week, we’ve had the honor of being highlighted in newspapers from Atlanta to New York and have had Facing Project stories produced by NPR. In fact, over 20 outlets have featured The Facing Project in some way.

While it’s exciting to get national exposure, it wouldn’t be possible without the Facing communities and the community they’re building through the stories of their local residents. Kelsey and I may have developed the framework and model, but we developed it in such a way to produce local partnerships, marry local writers with local storytellers, and build local synergy in those communities so stories can become sleeping bags for the homeless or dollars for nonprofit agencies. The Facing Project starts with stories but uses community-based assets to create action.

What this national exposure reminds us is that without working together as a community, and among communities, we wouldn’t exist. From story to story, community to community, neighbor to neighbor—we are all better together.

Thanks for being a part of the story.

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