Featured Story of the Week: A Hand Up

With a “suitcase full of hopes and dreams,” this story reflects the financial hardships faced by a family. This mother expresses her heartache in not being able to provide a safe home for her children. She feels as though she has disappointed those she loves the most. The emotions she feels and shares with us are familiar to many.

It seemed like no matter what we did, once we finished one repair, another problem would surface; if we fixed the floor, a hole would form in the wall. We needed a new roof, a new laundry room, and more than one bathroom. It was heartbreaking to not be able to give the ones we loved a safe home.

But the family got in touch with Habitat for Humanity, an organization that builds and rehabilitates homes. The organization set to build them a safe home. The family met many people, and through laughter and tears, shared love and memories as they worked on the house.

To read the whole story click here.

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