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Ursula Liang; photo provided.      

In partnership with Indiana Public Radio and the broader NPR network, The Facing Project Radio Show has expanded to a weekly program in 2024. We’re bringing new life to stories in our archives, and putting empathy front and center through voice actors, themed episodes, and discussions with artists, authors, and peace activists who are using their work to create a more understanding and empathetic world.

Tune-in Saturdays at 11 a.m. EST–or if you miss a Saturday, you can get us wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts!

July 6, 2024 (1 hour) –

More Than My Illness

A missionary battles depression 4,000 miles from home, and a college student with a “broken brain” says the best way to help is to listen. Later in the show, host J.R. Jamison is joined by the former college student who is now a high school English teacher.

Reclaiming the Disabled Narrative

A polio survivor loves to dance, while a former runner with an auto-immune disorder finds a new path, and a college student with autism asks us to pay attention. Special guest: Global disability influencer Monica Engle Thomas, who has reclaimed her own narrative and uses it to inspire others.


July 13, 2024 (1 hour) –  

Stopping the Cycle of Addiction 

Three women from rural Kentucky share how their lives have been forever changed by addiction: one from a sister who fights each day to win back her brother; another from a pharmacist on the front lines of the opioid epidemic; and one from a young mother who abused pain pills after the death of her child. Special guest: Kyle Brewer, National Association for Addiction Professionals.

Life with Cancer

An oncologist and two cancer survivors share their stories, and later host J.R. Jamison is joined by the mother-daughter and storyteller-writer duo Connie Robertson and Aimee Robertson-West to discuss life with the Big C.


July 20, 2024 (1 hour) –

The Psychology of Forgiveness

A mother forgives the man who paralyzed her son in a car accident, and a woman in rural Kansas forgives her once absent mother and abusive brother. Special guest: Dr. Robert Enright, TIME magazine’s leading researcher on the psychology of forgiveness.

The Science of Grief

A mother in Ohio loses her son to gun violence, while a mother in Indiana rebuilds her life after an abusive relationship. Special guest: Dr. Mary-Frances O’Connor, associate professor of psychology at the University of Arizona and author of The Grieving Brain: The Surprising Science of How We Learn from Love and Loss.


July 27, 2024 (1 hour) –

NEW episode: Filmmaker and Journalist Ursula Liang

Host J.R. Jamison sits down with FRONTLINE filmmaker, producer, and journalist Ursula Liang to talk about her latest film Two Strikes, a documentary short that follows the two strikes law in Florida that put a former West Point cadet struggling with PTSD and alcoholism in prison for life without the possibility of parole. The two also explore how to tell authentic stories through print and film.

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