Facing Childhood and Adolescence in Iowa’s Cedar Valley: Untitled

Adolescence, Facing Community Belonging and Citizenship from University of Northern Iowa (Waterloo, Iowa)

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Illustrated by: Sami & Ryan

Written by: Daelon

Elementary school was all about trying to be something I wasn’t.

Trying to be the middle of the conversations.  Being fast, trying my best not to crass. You weren’t cool if you didn’t have a girlfriend. Trying to be in as much drama as you could.  But somewhere in your heart you know that what you’re doing isn’t right.  

When I got home the only place I could find myself was in my room. Listening to slow songs and trying to find myself at a young age.  

In the 5th grade, slowing down, avoiding as much drama as I can. Trying to stay with the same person.

In 6th grade when you cut it all off so you can become a better person. Listening to music is your best friend. So in sixth grade I listened to music all of the time.

Then you find that girl that you would never want to hurt. You love her just like how you would treat your mom. But just like that saying, what goes around comes around. So she ends up doing the same thing to you in the end, but you’re fine with it because the love that you gained for her is too strong for you to hold a grudge. But then she comes back to you but then leaves so you just get hurt in the end.

So you just stop with her but another coed took your heart but you stop before you start, and think about elementary, so you turn on music and never pursue her and stay the same and avoid people.

This story originally appeared in Facing Childhood and Adolescence in Iowa’s Cedar Valley, a publication of The Facing Project that was organized by the University of Northern Iowa in Waterloo, Iowa.

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