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Facing Depression from Utah State University (Logan, Utah)

Theater Performances

Our three theater performances were a huge success. We are so grateful for all the hours Dr. Omasta and the cast from the USU Department of Theatre Arts put into adapting the stories for the stage. It was a very impactful and moving performance. As a story-teller and having spoken to other story-tellers we were very impressed by how our experiences were portrayed. Almost 200 people went to the performances and left with a copy of the Facing Depression in Cache Valley book. Seeing the community come together in support of mental illness was very touching. We are grateful to Dr. Steve Lucero and Dr. Dave Christian for leading post discussions after the performance to answer questions from the audience about depression and provide information about resources to support caregivers and those experiencing depression.

Facing Depression in Cache Valley Books

We are so amazed that the support we have had for this project and that we were able to raise enough money to offer 1,000 copies of our publication and theater performances to the public for free. We still have many more copies of the book to give away so if you would like one or more for yourself, family, business, school, etc., contact Nelda Ault at

It has been an incredible journey over the past 8 months and we are truly humbled by the stories we’ve heard, support received, and impact felt. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and demonstrating to our community that we will support and validate those experiencing depression.

Read the article the USU Statesman published about the project.

-Becca Huppi

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