Project Update Feb. 17

Facing Depression from Utah State University (Logan, Utah)

Our “Facing Depression in Cache Valley” project is well underway. The response from the community has been overwhelmingly supportive. We have been so grateful to add more community partners to our ever growing list. A few updates.

Book of Stories

Our interviews and stories have been completed. We have 25 community members who have volunteered to share their experiences with depression. We are currently formatting and editing the book and will be sending it to print before the end of February.

As our team has been working to edit and format the stories we have been humbled by the hardship and strength so many in our community have undergone. One of the themes that has emerged from those sharing their story is best summed up in this quote.

“My final thought is this…you may not have a mental illness, but you know someone who does. I guarantee it.”

Whether we have depression ourselves, love someone who does, or will have children who might have depression, it affects all of us. This, we believe, is why the project has been so successful and speaks to so many people.

We are truly grateful to the brave community members who are willing to share something so personal in the effort to make Cache Valley more aware of depression. Our hearts go out to those who have, and are, suffering in silence and continue to fight the daily battle against depression. We love you, we accept you, and we want you to know you are not alone. Hopefully together we can create an environment in which all feel comfortable confiding in someone about their depression.


To shed light on the typically secretive topic of depression we are printing 1,000 copies of a book of stories of 25 community members. To cover the publication costs of the 1,000 copies of the book we are in need of $5,000.

So far we have raised over $900 and are surprised every day by the generosity of others. To support our project and make Cache Valley more aware about how depression impacts individuals and the community check out our Donate Now tab. Please consider donating and encouraging others to donate through social media.


The theatrical adaptation of the stories from the community will be performed at the close of USUSA Mental Health Awareness Week. The performances will take place April 7th  & 8th at 7:00 PM at the USU Black Box Theatre and April 8th at the Whittier Community Center at 2:00 PM. At the performances Logan Regional Hospital will be providing free mental health screenings. A brief reflection exercise will also be held after the shows.

Thank you for your continued support and we are excited about the development of this project.
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