Scene 1: Conversations Across Campus

Facing Immigration from Illinois College, Immigration


(Three pairs of students appear.)

MASON: What are you doing tonight?

MICHAEL: I’m watching Dead Pool. You want to hang out?

MASON: Sure. Sounds great.

(Lights shift to next pair.)

SIERRA: I just got back from the protest rally.

LAUREN: How’d it go?

SIERRA: It was good. I got up and spoke.

LAUREN: Really? What did you say?

SIERRA: I said we need to start listening to each other again. (Lauren nods in agreement.)

(Lights shift next pair.)

ANIMA: (enters distressed) Hateeyat!

HATEEYAT: What’s wrong?

ANIMA: My mom just called me from Kinshasa. My dad went to the election protest last night, but he never came home.

HATEEYAT: (reaching to embrace her) Oh, Anima. I’m so sorry.

This scene originally appeared in Congolese Immigrant Stories, a publication of The Facing Project that was organized by Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois.

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