Facing Incarceration from University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire (Eau Claire, Wisconsin), Incarceration

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in the Honors course Health, Science, and Power created infographics related to incarceration and health for a class project. As incarceration rates are rising, the students in this course started to question the affects of incarceration on individuals. These infographics will provide you with quick and easy access to relevant and important statistics regarding incarceration.

Learn more about the facts behind incarceration:

Rehabilitation vs Incarceration Created by: Katie L., Alanna W., and Dannelle M.

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Incarceration Created by: Katy T., Sierra J., and Jessica T.

Illicit Drugs and Incarceration Created by: Nicole B., Cara W., and Allie W.

Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Created by: Breanna L. S., Jessie N., and Heather P.

Recidivism Created by: Emmanuel C., Rodrigo M., and Grant H.

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Effects on Society Created by: Calvin C., Pat L., and Mark K.

Marijuana and Incarceration Created by: Siri S., Breanna R. S., and Abigail S.

Life After Release from Prison Created by: Rachel E., Brye H., and Sophia T.

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