Apple Watches Help Cancer Patients

Cancer, Facing Cancer in East Central Indiana

apple-watch-cancerCancer patients in Camden, New Jersey have taken part in a new study with Apple Watches. The patients use an app called  emPOWER, developed by Polaris. The app allows patients to stay in touch while they are receiving care at home or in the hospital. The app is supposed to be “measuring their physical condition through the watch and their mental condition through a series of questions that we ask so we can get a more holistic view of their health,” said Mark Anthony, CEO of Polaris Health.

Dr. Cori McMahon, Psy.D., Director of Behavioral Medicine at MD Anderson, says the idea is working so far.

By connecting her patients through the watch, Dr. McMahon says that she is able to understand and treat them better.

Ellen McMillian, who is about to get a double mastectomy, says the app and support from other patients has helped her prepare for the procedure.

Read more about the app here:

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