Ingelhart Scholars Profile: Patrick Calvert

Cancer, Facing Cancer in East Central Indiana

Patrick Calvert, a Video Team member for the Ingelhart Scholars has worked closely with other students in the filming and editing of the Facing Cancer in East Central Indiana short film. Calvert has worked hard to collaborate with team members on the project.

“I have learned to contribute to a long term package of content on a hard hitting subject. The project relies heavily on communication and trust with my peers as well which can be a challenge but it’s necessary.”

Calvert believes he’s developed strong communication and organizational skills throughout the project. He can see these skills becoming important aspects of his career in the future.

Calvert enjoyed interviewing storytellers and contributors to the project. He was always interested in what people had to say. Yet, he would have loved to be more involved with the writing process for the Facing Project.

If you would like to learn more about the Facing Cancer in East Central Indiana, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for information on our upcoming event at Muncie Civic Theatre.


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