Hope is a luxury

Facing Poverty in Muncie, Indiana, Poverty

Hope is a luxury, not given into easily–
Such a frightening thing Hope is.

Reaching out repeatedly only to have it
Dissipate again and again.
Flitting in nature
Between the heavenly grace of an angel
And a torturing specter of “I told you so”

It is a private thing for me
Not oft spoken.

Along comes a brilliant shining Welcoming ray of possibility,
Calming reassurances of support
Offered in willingness
To instill a sense of belonging
To that Dream of Hope

Nurturing bonds from a new web of well being
Replacing the old ties of reliance.

Free to dream of what’s to become of me
And those I lead;
Taking hold of a child’s hand
I step
Each day into leadership,
Showing him another world
Where moments are spent
In possibilities removed of old ways.
Dreams of what could be.

— Kellie Arrowood, AmeriCorps member at TEAMwork & Ivy Tech student

This story originally appeared in Facing Poverty, a publication of The Facing Project that was organized by TEAMwork for Quality Living in Muncie, Indiana.

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