What can you do on-campus to raise awareness?

Facing Depression in Muncie, Indiana

While Facing Depression focuses on both the Muncie community as well as Ball State’s campus, this blog centers around campus resources.

Being a student is difficult enough as it is, and adding a mental illness on top of the workload can make everyday life much more difficult. As the awareness about mental illness grows, so do resources for getting help.

Where can you go on-campus for help? Check out these resources:

  • BSU Counseling services – The counseling center offers students up to 12 free counseling sessions per semester. They offer individual and group sessions, as well as information on contacting other resources for depression. Additionally, the counseling center issues a monthly newsletter that often helps to inform the campus about mental health issues.
  • Active Minds – This student organization aims to “increase the campus students’, faculty’s, and staff’s awareness of issues surrounding mental health, symptoms related to mental health disorders, and mental health resources available both on campus and in the surrounding the community.”
  • Bracken Library – With more than 1.5 million books on various subjects available, resources on mental health can be accessed easily. Of course, curling up with a good book is great therapy too.
  • Tell your friends – In order to increase the community’s understanding of mental illness, it’s necessary for us to educate the people we care about. Inform your friends and family. Show them how to find more information on depression and other illnesses.

While there are many resources for help on campus, others in the community are widely available.

Written by: Emily Brungard

This story originally appeared in Facing Depression in Muncie, a publication of The Facing Project that was organized by the Ingelhart Scholars at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.

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