3 Reasons the Facing Rockbridge MATTERS

Facing Sexual Violence in Rockbridge County, Virginia

3 Reasons Facing Rockbridge MATTERS

by Laura Waggener ’17

1. Now is the Time to Start an Effective Conversation About Sexual Violence

Almost everyone seems to know someone in the area who has been affected by an act of sexual violence.  Now is the time to talk about it.  The Facing Project is not the typical first-year oriented, monotonous, bystander-focused PowerPoint given about sexual violence.  Instead, it is a unique, proactive way to raise awareness.  Individuals in the community are uniting to let their stories be heard.

2. The Facing Project Will Unite our Community

Sexual Violence is a major problem throughout Rockbridge County.  Therefore, this project will include stories not only from Washington and Lee, but also from VMI, SVU, and local residents.  Project Horizon is a local, non-profit agency partnering with the Facing Project that is “involved in the movement to end domestic, dating and sexual violence.” The Marketing Team of the project is in the process of finding several additional partners in Rockbridge County to spread awareness and support the project.

3. Standing Up to Sexual Violence is in Accordance with Washington & Lee’s Honor Code

President Ruscio addressed the Washington and Lee community emphasizing the importance between W&L’s honor-focused environment and the responsibility to stand up to acts of sexual violence.  He asked the community to pledge to “create a community in which it must always be absolutely clear that rape, mistreatment, disrespect and abuse of others in any form is totally antithetical to everything for which we stand.”

This post originally appeared in Facing Sexual Violence in Rockbridge County, a publication of The Facing Project that was organized by Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia.

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