Facing Stories: Kira Childers Tells Stories with her Camera

Facing Stories

Kira Childers

We’re embarking on a new adventure–live video chats via Google Hangout. We’re calling the series Facing Stories. We’ll face storytelling as we explore techniques, trends, and the power of storytelling. We’ll also share the stories and lessons from those who’ve participated in Facing Projects.

Our first interview, well it didn’t happen. We couldn’t figure out how to execute an OnAir Google Hangout. But our second attempt, we did it!

I sat down and talked with my friend Kira Childers who has participated on two Facing Projects as a photographer and as a writer. We consider her our staff photographer even though we don’t have a staff.

Kira graduated with a degree in English from Anderson University where she wrote a lot. Years after graduating, she started to apply her love for stories to a new passion–photography. Here is a bit of her philosophy:

“I want to see how people are, and sometimes that’s not perfect. I want people to look at a photo and say, ‘That’s her.’ That’s how I tell stories. To bring out the true person the best I can.” – Kira Childers

A few program notes: We shot this live and lose Kira for a bit in the beginning, but she is gone for less than a minute and things are pretty smooth after that. J.R. joins us at the end and we get a little silly with the HangOut special effects. If you stick around, you might even catch a glimpse of Kira’s Google+ avatar photo! (And that’s all I’ll say about that.)

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