Encounter with child prostitutes leaves activist speechless

Sex Trafficking

Community activist Marshall Rancifer won’t be silenced. Yet as he tells the story of an encounter with two prostitutes (ages 12 and 14), he’s speechless for five seconds in the video below. Five seconds in which you can feel his sadness, anger, and determination.

After five second he says, “That’s the reality of what goes on in that world.”

When we hear a thing about our world that we’ve never heard before, it’s okay to have the weight of that reality silence us for a few moments. But it’s not okay to pretend we never heard it or to remain forever silent.

Marshall is the Director of Outreach and Advocacy for Human Sex Trafficking & Prostitution with the SILENT PROJECT. You can learn more about his work and donate to the cause here. And you can read more stories like Marshall’s at Atlanta’s Facing Sex Trafficking site.

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