Featured Story of the Week: Abuse is No Secret – Susan’s Story


“I’m lucky enough to say that my personal life hasn’t been directly affected by drug abuse, but my professional life definitely has.”

Powerful words spoken by a pharmacy tech in Barbourville, Kentucky. This is one side of addiction—a side we don’t often hear. That’s why we chose, “Abuse is No Secret: Susan’s Story,” as The Facing Project Featured Story of the Week.

Susan’s Story was written by Sarah Wilder, a contributor to “Facing Addiction in Knox County, Kentucky: It’s Our Move”—a Facing Project organized by Union College. Facing Addiction covered all angles of abuse—stories from former addicts, mothers, siblings, and, as highlighted here, medical professionals. What we like about Susan’s Story is it shows addiction from the other side of the counter. Medical professionals witness the horrors of addiction each day as lives are torn apart for a quick fix, and capturing the voice of those on the frontlines is important as we all learn how to battle addiction and help with healing. You can read Susan’s full story here.

As stories from all angles should do, a mix of emotions is enticed in the reader. From anger to sadness to hope, the stories in “Facing Addiction in Knox County, Kentucky: It’s Our Move” prove that a community coming together to face one of their toughest battles can now be armed with its most valuable weapon—stories of perseverance.

The official book release and monologue event for “Facing Addiction” will debut on September 2nd in Barbourville, Kentucky.     

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