This Week’s Featured Poem: Jolie Marie’s Story

Folks who write poetry well amaze me.  A few years back I tried to write my wife a sonnet for her 30th birthday. ’twas not pretty.

Poetry is perfect for telling Facing Project stories. I especially think  poets are great matches to tell the stories of storytellers who may have difficulty fully communicating their stories or for stories filled with complexity.

This week’s featured post, Jolie Marie’s Story, is from our very first project, Facing Poverty in Muncie.  Poet Jeffrey Pearson Owens did a wonderful job of capturing a complex story of Jolie Marie’s life in a way that I’m not sure any narrative could.

I have the pleasure of serving with Jeff on the planning committee of the Midwest Writers’ Workshop and I look forward to roping him into future Muncie Facing Projects.

Read Jolie Marie’s Story

(On a side note: The Midwest Writers’ Workshop is a darn good writing conference whether you’d like to focus on the craft or the business of writing. I’ll be leading a nonfiction intensive session this year. The conference is July 24 – 26 and spots are limited. If this is something you are interested in, please register soon.)



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