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Facing Sex Trafficking in Atlanta, Sex Trafficking

As told to Chaquis Maliq

My song “Remain Me” speaks about my mind and its fantasy. It doesn’t speak in depth of any particular pain, but expresses how my decision to block damages of my past from keeping me from my true self. My therapy was within me and has always been; therefore I’m fine with cutting off dead parts of me to prevent it from spreading and killing me.

Many women want to just be famous in the most exploited ways possible. But as an abused woman, I have never wanted to be famous. Popularity is not necessity in success, and I make it very plain in my song, “Remain Me.”

REMAIN ME (SOMEBODY LOVES YOU)    Chaquis Maliq (c) 2014

Verse 1                                                                       Verse 2

Her mother’s stressed out                                           Facebook was her friend

Her pain is down south                                              Until she met him

Mommy doesn’t know                                                The older guy who moved inside

And she’s afraid to show                                            Shared her with friends

Where it hurts                                                             For profitable amends

Cuz she fears things will get worse                            Recorded and enslaved

And thats just the first verse                                       What shall she do to be saved

Rose somebody loves you 4x                                     Rose Somebody loves you

This story originally appeared in Facing Sex Trafficking: Atlanta’s Dirty Little Secret, a publication of The Facing Project that was organized by AIB TV in Atlanta, Georgia.

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