A Matter of Trust

Facing Sex Trafficking in Atlanta, Sex Trafficking

As told to Desmonique and Ravane and performed by Little Debbie Youth from Playmaking for Girls



SCENE 1: A New York City street by the bus station. QUEEN is walking with her suitcase when TRUTH pulls up beside her in a nice car.

TRUTH: Hey, Beautiful. You look lost. You need a ride or somethin’?

QUEEN: Sure, but I don’t have anywhere to go.

TRUTH: Then, where you walkin’ to? And why you got that suitcase?

QUEEN: I just got to the city. I ran away from a bad situation.

TRUTH: Well, get in! I can help you out. I can show you somethin’ better Baby Girl.

(QUEEN gets in the car.)

QUEEN: What’s your name? I’m Queen.

TRUTH: Oooooh, Baby, you LOOK like a Queen. You are beautiful.

SCENE 2: A short time later at TRUTH’s house.

TRUTH: Come in. Get comfortable…don’t be shy. I’ll introduce you to the other girls.

QUEEN: Please. I know how the game works.

TRUTH: Dang, Baby. Money shouldn’t be a problem. You’re beautiful AND sassy. I like that.

(TERESA walks in. She lives there and works for TRUTH.)

TERESA: (To TRUTH–)  Who this be?

TRUTH: This is Queen. Queen, this is Teresa. Teresa, show Queen her room.


TERESA: Ummmmhmmmm. Get your bag. Come on.

TRUTH: Hold up, Queen. Teresa, take her bag up. I’m taking my girl to the mall. We going shopping.

TERESA: (Mean mugs TRUTH)  Hmmmm. I know how the game goes.

TERESA takes QUEEN’s suitcase and exits. TRUTH and QUEEN go to the mall.

SCENE 3: A week later. In Queen’s room. She wakes up. She doesn’t know where she is. She is groggy and stumbles to the mirror.

QUEEN: Dang, what happened to me? I look terrible. I FEEL terrible. I don’t remember anything.

(TRUTH walks in QUEEN’s room. He is angry.)

TRUTH: Ain’t  you supposed to be working? This ain’t no Holiday Inn. Time is money. MY money.

QUEEN: Why you talkin’ to me like that? I thought I was your Bottom Girl. And, what did you do to me?

TRUTH: Girl, what you thought this was? I gave you a little somethin’ last night. You’ll be alright. Bottom? Hehe, that’s funny.

QUEEN: I’m not here to be your “Do girl!” I’m out.

(TRUTH slaps her.)


TRUTH: We’ll see who out!

SCENE 4: Five minutes later. QUEEN is crying and talking to TERESA. They are making a plan.

TERESA: Girl, you gotta out of here. Trust me. You on his bad side now. He did the same thing to me. Now, I’ve given up. But you, you’re young and beautiful. You still have a chance.

QUEEN: I need your help. When we go to the strip tonight, will you cover for me?

TERESA: Yeah. I’ll tell him you got in a car and didn’t come back.

QUEEN: Do you want to come with me?

TERESA: I’m too old to do that, again. All he’ll do is find me.

QUEEN: Will he find ME?

TERESA: I told you—I’ll cover for you.

SCENE 5: Late that night. QUEEN is running down the street and a car almost hits her. The driver slams on the brakes. (SCREEEECH!) QUEEN falls to the ground. The driver jumps out and goes to her.

CHRISTOPHER: Are you alright? Did I hit you? I’m so sorry! Can you talk?

QUEEN: I’m OK. That was a close call, but you didn’t hit me. (QUEEN starts to get up. CHRISTOPHER  tries to help her.)

CHRISTOPHER: Here, let me help you.

QUEEN: No! Thank you. I don’t want your help. That’s how I got in this situation in the first place.

CHRISTOPHER: I’m not going to hurt you. I won’t even touch you. Let me take you to a hospital. That eye looks pretty bad.

QUEEN: (She smiles–)  I guess it’s OK. You seem different. Just promise you won’t touch me.

CHRISTOPHER: Alright, of course. I just want to help you. Did you get hurt when you fell?

QUEEN: I’m not hurt because of you….Just my eye…it hurts.

CHRISTOPHER: Let’s get you to a doctor.

QUEEN: Thank you.

CHRISTOPHER: I’ll get the door for you….here…get in.

(CHRISTOPHER helps QUEEN in the car, without touching her.)

SCENE 6: At the hospital, QUEEN comes out from the exam room. She has been seen by a doctor, and her eye is bandaged.

CHRISTOPHER: Feeling better?

QUEEN: Yes, much better. Thank you.

CHRISTOPHER: How old are you?

QUEEN: Fifteen….Well, ALMOST fifteen.

CHRISTOHER: Where are your parents?

QUEEN: My mom is dead. My dad’s in prison.

CHRISTOPHER: Sounds like you’ve been through a lot. Any other family?

QUEEN: No. I ran away.

CHRISTOPHER: My wife and I used to be foster parents. Doctor Alexander says you can come home with us, if you would like to.

QUEEN: Why are you being so nice to me? And, how do I know I can trust you?

CHRISTOPHER: You can trust me. Come meet my wife. You will love her. She will love you. If you like it there, we can talk to the Judge Monday.

QUEEN: OK. I just want a good night’s sleep…You have been very kind.

CHRISTOPHER: You deserve someone to be kind to you.

QUEEN: Thank you. I have always wanted a family.

CHRISTOPHER: We have too.


This script originally appeared in Facing Sex Trafficking: Atlanta’s Dirty Little Secret, a publication of The Facing Project that was organized by AIB TV in Atlanta, Georgia.

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