Featured story of the week: Pay Attention


We shared yesterday how important Carter’s story was to the Facing Autism project. For this reason, we are making it the featured story for the week. Carter is facing autism personally and we like his story because it gives us a glimpse of what it’s like living with autism. Carter tells of his struggles, of his thoughts, and of his perceptions of the world around him.

If you could come inside, you would see the conversations I’ve had with you, the experiences I’ve shared, and the journey of my life; you would understand me. But I cover what I do not want you to see.

Carter’s story allows us to understand what it’s like to have autism. His story also really shows how everyone has a story to tell, whether they think so or not.

Why do you want to write a story about me? Autism is not that big of a deal.

Read Carter’s full story, “Pay Attention.”

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