Featured Story of the Week: This is my Son


This week’s story comes from Facing Autism in Muncie, Indiana.

Belinda is a mother, wife, and fighter. Her fight has evolved from her son, Gabe, to helping others in her community. After coming to a point in the 2000s when she needed answers for her questions about autism, Belinda started a support group. That support group is now Interlock East Central Indiana.

I organized the support group with the help of plenty of others in the community in 2005. I wasn’t sure who would come. Standing room only. That’s what we had during the first session almost 10 years ago.

We like Belinda’s story so much because it is inspiring to know that one person can make a huge difference and bringing a community together can have a huge impact on many lives in more ways than one.

But we had each other to lean on and that made the biggest difference in the world.


Read Belinda’s full story, “This is my Son.”

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