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Facing Sex Trafficking in Atlanta, Sex Trafficking

As told to meeK

–The Pedophile, the Pimp and the Sex Slave–
There is no rest
Red Light District on Wheels
Children on their knees
fulfilling the urges of pedophiles
The Abducted, neglected or run away child
is now a grown mans slave
To us they are still just Babies
Your Uncle, Your Father, Your Favorite friend at work
The Police Officer, The judge
The harmless neighborhood jerk
All have one thing in common
a preference for little girls UNSHAVED
or a child
so small she doesn’t need to be
As if plain site were the most obscure.
Is there no cure
for the mental illness of pedophilia?
Is there a safe space for a man or woman
to confess that they are a pedophile?
Most would not think twice about ending the life
of someone confessing such a lust.
However, all efforts are a bust.
If we do not seek healing for the NEED…
The percentage of pedophiles who
were victims of pedophiles will bring you to your knees
You See,
The pimp is just a hustler
fulfilling supply and demand.
Capitalisms BRAND
meets his fashion sense.
He’s not your 70’s Pimp
Strolling by flamboyantly. . .
He’s the guy
in the T-Shirt, Khakis and baseball cap,
reading the paper
while his beautiful daughter takes a nap
under a blanket in the seating area of the FLYING J.
The 10 year old is sleeping
from the drugs that he gave her
because the last John Anally Raped Her
and he can’t get the bleeding to stop.
Of course he can’t call the cops
on the man that he sold her to.
What’s a poor pimp to do?
He nervously strokes her hair
as you stare and proclaim
“Look at him, such a loving father.
We need more men like him in the world
Men that protect and care for little girls”
He sees you watching
and never short on game
reaches down to gently kiss her,
using his other hand to adjust the blanket and
disguise the blood stain.
He’s gonna have to dump the body
If he’s not able to sell her to that Minister Guy
who loves to finish them off
Raping and Dismembering
He pays 8 times the cost.
It’s like getting brand new tires
and not having to pay the dumping fee
for the old ones.
Now he’s got his eyes on your son.
And because you think your child
could never become a sex slave
your family is most at risk.
The demographics are across the board
No child is safe from the Dark Lord
who seeks personal gain
delivering pain in his search for
a safe sexual interlude with your child
A fleeting moment of power
for the impotent man gone wild.
Slavery is so illusive
and only possible with the proper application
of mental warfare.
He’ll teach your child a new kind of love
One that hurts and rips and tears.
PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome
reveal the biological and psychological
scars of a mind that has taken
more than a mind can bare
Eventually it must create
a bond with it’s aggressor in
order to survive.
The body is wired to thrive.
There are many levels of “Alive”
and it doesn’t take long in Rome
To learn what the Romans do.
1-2 Johns, a few beatings from the Pimp
and your child’s outlook is brand new
her future record
filled with charges of loitering and prostitution
and this is the conclusion
of the cycle of sickness and confusion.
The circle of hell
there was a black man, a white man and a chinese man
there was a black man, a white man and a chinese man
there was a black man a white man and a chinese man
together these things go

This story originally appeared in Facing Sex Trafficking: Atlanta’s Dirty Little Secret, a publication of The Facing Project that was organized by AIB TV in Atlanta, Georgia.

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