Featured story of the week: My Son, The Prom King


The featured story of the week is “My Son, The Prom King” as told to Lisa Combs, a special educator and coach from her consulting practice, Spectrum Autism Solutions. This story is from Facing Autism in Muncie, Indiana.

“How would you feel if you found out you were denying your son something that could be life changing?”

What we like about this story is that Emma is the mother who always wants the best for her child, no matter what. She never gave up on doing what was necessary for her child to meet academic expectations, even if he learned a little differently. When others asked why she did this, she waited for her son, Brian, to graduate from high school with an Honors Diploma to provide an answer.

You can really tell how proud Emma is of her son, and even though Autism was a rare and misunderstood disease when her son was young, she did not let the lack of support keep her from setting her son up to achieve so many accomplishments. Now, Brian is a student at Ball State University and is doing well.

Emma never just accepted the way things are. This is what makes her story so inspiring.

 He came home from school one day and asked me, “Mom, why was I born with a bad brain? Was I bad? Does God hate me?” What could I say to that? I told him, “Maybe you’re not the one with a bad brain. Maybe the rest of us are the ones with bad brains.”

You can read the full story, “My Son, The Prom King.”

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