Featured Story of the Week: “It’s not Your Fault”

The featured story of the week is “It’s not Your Fault”, told to Kyle Perkins, a student at Ball State University. The story is a part of the Facing Poverty in Muncie, Indiana project.

This story tells of a life of experience, hardship, and difficulty. But it also is a story of triumph, passion, and gratefulness. This individual’s family struggled through frozen and busted pipes, and small apartments. What others would see as poverty was seen as normal to them.

Now in adulthood, one can see the struggle and impoverished state of the family. The result of a childhood in poverty is a life dedicated to community service. A life dedicated to helping those struggling in the same way.

Now I am a college graduate with a career I am proud to have earned. But I’m staying connected by helping out everywhere I can. As I was growing up, my church group would go on hunger walks and work at soup kitchens. It inspired me to always be a giving person; so now I am involved with Habitat for Humanity, Teamwork for Quality Living, and Walk a Mile. Anything helps. Donating money or resources of any kind goes miles. Even when I don’t have any resources left to give, I spread the message to others who may have the ability to help.

Read the full story, “It’s not Your Fault”.

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