Featured story of the week: Ask


The featured story of the week is “Ask” as told to consultant and graduate student Clarissa Bowers of Facing Autism in Muncie, Indiana.

Dana’s story is great because she tries to make others see Autism as a difference, rather than a disability. She embraces everything that her daughter, Stella, is and how she can now see things from a different world. Also, Dana shows how others have misinterpreted what Autism is like and wants those who question it to just ask.

All parents want their children to succeed and be confident in who they are. With Dana’s story, her daughter has the opportunity to become who she truly is and Stella knows that it is okay to see things differently. This is a truly inspiring story and Dana speaks at how she is blessed with her daughter.

What parent doesn’t fear the struggles their child will face? I consider myself lucky to have a child with struggles that can be identified. I am grateful that we have proven ways to help her.

Stella is my child, and she should be known as a whole, unique, funny, fearless, beautiful child and not as a disability or a disorder.

Simply asking can change how one views the world. Just one question can be a powerful thing.

Read the full story, “Ask.”
Or watch the video of Dana’s Story.

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