Featured story of the week: Finding Hope through Open Doors

Hope, Poverty

The featured story for this week is “Finding Hope through Open Doors,” as told to writer Oliver Robbins in Facing HOPE in Rome, Georgia.

What we enjoy about this story is that the storyteller took her life of abandonment and turned it into hope for her future and now the future of others. When she could have easily given up or become another statistic in someone’s spreadsheet, she embraced those who were put into her life to guide her during her teen years—a true celebration of nonprofit professionals and social workers who tirelessly impact our communities each day.

Now that she is nearing the end of her college career, she is planning for the next phase of her journey—to influence young lives that are caught in despair just as her life was many years before.

I now use my hardships as stepping stones, and rise above the challenge. Before I continue to climb, I look back to grab the hand of others in need, lifting them with passion and ignoring my sacrifice. . .

I will graduate with a degree in early education, with a minor in loving children who need me to light their dark little lives.

Read the full story, “Finding Hope through Open Doors.”


The writer, Oliver Robbins, also plans for the next part of his journey which was impacted by this story—he was offered a position with V3 Magazine, the publisher of Facing HOPE in Rome, Georgia, because they were impressed with his writing superpowers.

We never know where a story may lead, but this is what we hope will come from Facing Projects—connecting people through stories to strengthen communities.


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