Facing Project featured on hour-long radio show

One of the 350 folks in attendance at the Facing Autism event in Muncie was author and radio host, Stephen Terrell.  Tonight Stephen is going to have J.R. and I on the air for the entirety of his show “Just Us” on Indiana Talks Radio. Listen to the live stream of the show over at Just Us.

We’ll be talking all things Facing Project and reading a story from Facing Autism in Muncie and Facing Hope in Rome (GA).  Muncie’s Mayor Dennis Tyler, a huge supporter of Facing Autism, will also be calling into the program.  The Mayor’s grandson is on the Autism spectrum.

In honor of the Mayor dedicating even more time to spreading the word of Facing Autism and the Facing Project I’ve picked his son’s story, Home Plate, as our featured Facing Project story of the week.

You can read it here.


Update, 12/2/2013:

Listen to the podcast from the show here.

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