To Myself the First Day of Freshman Year

Facing Voices of Teenage Girls in South Bend, Indiana, Teens

If going back in time was as easy as pulling a book off of a shelf
I would step back into freshman year and change a few things about myself.

First, I would not have been afraid
Instead of being fearful of being labeled, stereotyped, or judged
I would have spoken up and out
In doing this, I could have just been me.
Second, I would have noticed the importance of every class
I would have taken time to fully do each and every homework assignment
I would have put more effort into learning new things, studying, and reading each text
I would not have missed a single class
Especially in Biology, Algebra, and English
In doing this, this year I would be graduating with my class.
Lastly, I would have accepted suggestions and had an open mind
I would have spoken often with my advisor
In doing this, today, I am certain I would be more informed and ultimately wiser.

If I could go back in time and talk to the old me standing in front of a mirror
The rest of my life and my future today would be so much clearer.

Written by Adrian Six

This story originally appeared in Facing the Future Through the Voices of Teenage Girls, a publication of The Facing Project that was organized by Ivy Tech Community College and the Office of Mayor Pete Buttigieg in South Bend, Indiana.

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