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A young mother with 18-cents to her name struggles to feed her child

Episode 11 of The Facing Project is available now! You hear a story. You are moved by that story. What do you do next? This story from Facing Hunger in Manhattan, Kansas, helped community members at Kansas State University realize how some of their students were food insecure. They heard the story, and they acted. […]

Episode 11: Stories that inspired action against human trafficking Former prostitute helps other facing sex trafficking

Episode 11 of The Facing Project is available now! Each Facing Project seeks to create empathy and understanding through stories that inspire action. “Stories that Inspire Action” that’s the theme of our newest episode. That action may be as immeasurable as the community connections and friendships each project builds or as tangible as the creation […]

Storytellers Concert Featuring Cliff Ritchey, Josh Kaufman, and Daniel Deitrich

Join us on September 7th from 7-9 at Cornerstone Center for the Arts for our The Facing Project’s Storyteller Concert: featuring Cliff Ritchey, Josh Kaufman, and Daniel Deitrich. Each singer-songwriter will play his favorite songs and share the stories behind them. Four storytelling teams will also share stories on our theme: Inspiration. Bring cash to vote […]

Episode 10 The Depths of Addiction: Breaking Cycles. An anonymous story as told to Cara W. and Jessica T. from “Behind the Faces of Criminal Justice in Chippewa Valley, Wisconsin: A Facing Project.” Performed by Laura Williamson.“After everything, I could have completely left this part of my life behind, but I feel like it’s my calling to share these experiences with people so that change can happen for others like me.”

Episode 10: The Depths of Addiction: Breaking Cycles A woman changes her life to help her kids and, ultimately, others.

Relapse can cause many individuals struggling with drug addiction to feel like they have failed. The resulting feelings of shame, guilt, frustration, and anger often leads to further relapse and a sense that the cycle will never end. The American Addiction Centers however, has a different view on this subject. They say, “Relapse is considered […]

image depicting a man struggling with addiction and depression- quote - “I got here because what else do I have to live for . . . I don’t have a lot to lose either. Life just happens.”

Episode 10: The Depths of Addiction: Artificial Happiness A man gives an honest response to what his life is like living in the throes of addiction.

Have you watched a family member or friend or even a stranger struggle with addiction? According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Organization, about 1 in 4 young adults aged 18 to 25 in the United States are current illicit drug users. On average, 130 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. In […]