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Father’s vulnerability gives him strength to face the unimaginable The best and worst days of Brad Daugherty's life

Sometimes the day-to-day of our lives can feel repetitive. We go through motions, live the routine, taking for granted the “normality” of it all. But then sometimes a bomb gets dropped on our lives and in an instant everything changes. In Episode 9 of The Facing Project Show we hear from two storytellers. One a woman […]

Difference is not a problem, it’s a strength A man comes out late in life

Diversity makes our communities stronger, more colorful, more interesting, more adaptable places to live.  But to fully appreciate those who are different than us, we have to be near them. Are you spending time with people who are different than you? The theme of Episode 8 of The Facing Project Show is “Empathy and Proximity.” Sometimes we […]

Please don’t ask what’s wrong with my child? A mother shares how her austic child is different, not less.

A mom asks people to see her daughter with autism for who she is on Episode 8 of The Facing Project.   The stats: According to the CDC 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with autism. Ask Dana’s Story As told to Clarissa Bowers from Facing Autism in Muncie, Indiana –Performed by Melinda Messineo Ask. Ask […]

The woman on the treadmill A reminder to love yourself and your body

A college student, decides that self-love is more important than letting other people define her worth on Episode 7 of The Facing Project. The stats: 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. Unfortunately, only 5% of women naturally possess the body type often portrayed […]

Man with disabilities shares thoughts on happiness and frustrations His darkness was living with the choices of others, rather than his own

Shannon Brown is diagnosed with autism and bi-polar disorder. On Episode 7 of The Facing Project Shannon shares his inner thoughts and how listening to him and allowing him to make choices has improved his life. The Storyteller: Shannon Brown The Story: Chasing the Sunset A man with autism and bi-polar disorder gives a peek inside […]