How to Start a Facing Project

To get a Facing Project started in your community, follow the steps below.

We’re pumped that you’re pumped to do a Facing Project. Below are the 3 steps to get started.

(Other ways to get involved: volunteer, donate or join the Build Empathy Story by Story campaign, buy our Storyteller Gear –for every shirt sold, $5.00 goes toward supporting community storytelling.)

Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Get Information

The Facing Project works with campuses and communities to organize and share the stories of citizens through the talent of local writers and actors. Writers are matched with community members facing the selected topic (depression, hunger, homelessness, disabilities, etc), meet with them face-to-face, and capture their stories in the first-person. The stories are compiled into a book and brought to life on stage through a community theatre event.

Sign up to receive our free Information Guide (PDF) below to learn more before filling out the abstract.

Step 2: Submit an Abstract

After reviewing the info guide, you are ready to fill out the abstract. We’ll review it and contact you if we have any questions. Once you are approved for a project and sign on, we’ll hook you up with all of the resources (Toolkit with resources to run a project from start to finish, website with unique url, Facing Project coach, editing team, and fundraising software).

Submit an Abstract

  • school, university, individual, non-profit, NGO?

Step 3: Sign On with The Facing Project

Once your Abstract has been approved, we’ll send you our Terms of Use that outlines what communities are committing to doing and what they receive in return through The Facing Project and pay a 12-month affiliation fee of $1,500 (participating state Campus Compact members are eligible for a 35% discount).

Once the Terms of Use has been fully executed and the licensing fee has been submitted, the host contact will work with The Facing Project to receive these services for their community.