Your Next Facing Project

Now that your community has completed a Facing Project, there may be other areas you need to face. We’d love to continue a relationship with you, and we hope you choose a long-term partnership with The Facing Project.

One way to do that is to create an official chapter of The Facing Project at your school. If you are at a nonprofit or part of a local organizing team, you can establish The Facing Project as a part of your organization or council.

As you think about your next Facing Project, the following are a few ideas to consider.

–              Poverty

–              Homelessness

–              Fatherhood

–              Single Parenting

–              HIV/AIDS

–              Death (work with hospice to shine a light on a subject that most of us don’t want to think about)

–              War (allow vets of multiple generations to share stories of courage and trying to settle back into life)

–              Teen Pregnancy

–              Coming Out/GLBT Stories

–              Immigration (stories of how our immigrant community members came to be our neighbors)

–              Refugee (work with local refugee populations)

–              Autism

–              Eating Disorders

–              Welfare

–              Abuse/Violence/Domestic Violence

–              Bullying/Cyber Bullying

–              Hunger

–              Unemployment

–              Religion (work with faith-based communities to lift mystery of various religions)

–              Childhood Obesity

More than anything, continue to change the world . . . one story at a time.