Writer recruitment sample letter

Writers Unite! Write for the next Facing Project: ________________. We’re excited to tell you about a local storytelling project, Facing __________, which is a collaboration between ____________[insert all project partners]. It is our hope to start a dialogue around ____________ [insert Facing topic]—an issue that touches so many lives in our community, yet is often not discussed.

And that discussion can’t happen without writers willing to volunteer their time and talents.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll be matched with a storyteller. Storytellers may be an individual who is currently facing depression or who has faced depression in the past, family members of those facing depression, and professional caregivers, therapists, and doctors who help those with depression.
  2. You’ll meet with them face-to-face to have a conversation where you’ll learn their story. This will probably take an hour or two.
  3. You will then write the story as if you are them (in the first person) trying to capture their voice. Think of this as a monologue.
  4. Next you’ll give your story to the storyteller who will suggest changes. The story doesn’t get published without their final approval.
  5. After you work with the project editors, your story will be published in a book to be shared across our community. The book will also include a list of resources and next steps for those facing the issue.
  6. An event and book launch will be held in [insert date of event if known]. Some of the stories will be read as monologues.
  7. That’s it! The stories live on in the books and on the Internet educating and inspiring those who read them.

You can visit our Facing Project page at [enter your site url] and the national project’s page at www.facingproject.com.

The Facing Project is a community storytelling project founded in Muncie, Indiana and it has spread across the country.

If you’re interested in being a writer or sharing your story, please contact us.


[Project organizers and contact info]