Storyteller Recruitment Sample Letter

Dear [Potential Storyteller],

Would you like to share your story?

I’m excited to tell you that _______ [partner organization] is partnering with the Facing Project to collect stories on the topic of ___________. These stories will be from our clients, a family member of our clients, our staff, and more.

I thought yours would be a good story to share [Insert why you think so here]

If you’re interested, here’s how it works.

  1. You’ll be matched with a volunteer writer. You’ll meet with them face-to-face to have a conversation where you’ll share your story. This will probably take an hour or two.
  2. The writer will then write the story as if they are you trying to capture your voice.
  3. You get to read the story and suggest changes. The story doesn’t get published without your final approval.
  4. Your story is included with others in a book to be shared across our community to give voice to the amazing folks like you.
  5. An event and book launch will be held in our community. Some of the stories will be read as monologues.
  6. That’s it! The stories live on in the books and on the Internet educating and inspiring those who read them.

You can visit our Facing Project page at [enter your site url] for more info.

The Facing Project is a community storytelling project founded in Muncie, Indiana and has spread across the country.

If you’re interested in sharing your story, please email or call me.


[Project organizers and contact info]