How to submit a story to our editing team

“Change starts with a single story.”

That quote seems like it should be attributed to some wise titan of history, but we actually just made it up. Still, we believe it. Each or your project’s stories has the potential to change a life in your community or your community as a whole. We want each of them to live up to their full potential. That’s why we have volunteer editors ready to make suggestions and light copyedits to your story.

We receive thousands of stories each year for our editors to review, so please follow the steps below to get those stories to our editors:

1) Create a folder on Google Drive to house your stories. (Not familiar with Google Drive? Here’s a quick tutorial. Or, you can make other (email, DropBox) arrangements with your Facing Project coach. But we prefer if you use Google Drive.)

2) Add stories to folder.

3) Share the folder with your Facing Project coach granting them editing access.








3) Editors will make edits in Google Doc’s “Suggesting” mode. Not sure what that is? It’s like Office’s “Track Changes” mode. Still not sure, here’s a guide to help you.

Still have questions? Email us at