We’ve seen Facing Projects completed for as little as a few hundred dollars and up to $20,000. Grants and gifts-in-kind are a great way to cover the costs of events, book publishing, and spin-off initiatives.

We’re also happy to offer and build peer-to-peer campaigns, donation pages, and ticketing for events through our partnership with, allowing you to leverage the power of individual supporters in your community.

Tour Classy’s fundraising options that we’re able to offer. 

This section walks you through what each of these is and how to get started:

Peer-to-Peer / Crowdfunding campaign

(Please watch this video to learn more about the power of peer-to-peer fundraising)

Between writers, storytellers, artists, organizers, and partners, a Facing Project may include 50 to 100 individuals. A peer-to-peer campaign allows each to create their own fundraising campaign as part of your larger fundraising efforts. Even if only 25% of those who are directly involved in your Facing Project create a page with a very reachable personal goal, a significant amount of funds can be raised. Let’s say those 25% each set a personal goal of $100 that could lead to raising $1,250 to $2,500.

Here’s what info we’ll need from you to get started:

1. What is your project’s fundraising goal?

2. What are 1 – 4 ways that you’ll use the funds?

3. Email address of the person on your project leading fundraising efforts so we can give them access to the backend of your fundraising page.

Event Ticketing

Event ticketing for your theatrical event can be a great way to raise funds and also collect the contact information of those who attend your event, which can come in handy as you assess the impact of your project.

Many Facing Project events have been free in the past, so we can set your tickets at $0 if you are interested in getting an idea of who is coming and how to reach them. We recommend setting up ticketing if you are expecting a large turnout and/or have limited space, or want to raise funds.  Since so many are involved in a project it isn’t hard to get a good turnout. If you decide to charge, even charging a few dollars can add up.

Every event page has a place to donate in addition to purchasing tickets.

Here’s what info we’ll need to get you started:

1) Your event details (date, time, place, ticket price)

2) Email address of the person on your project leading event/fundraising efforts so we can give them access to the backend of your fundraising page.

What happens to the money

Many projects are a collaboration of several organizations that may or not have nonprofit status. This can make it challenging on who collects the donations and if donations are tax deducible. Raising funds through Classy allows you to fundraise under our 501(c)(3) status. We’ll establish a relationship as your physical sponsor. This means that the funds will go to us and we can directly pay the expenses related to your project (event, book publishing, etc). We can also direct those funds to your nonprofit partners.

We can’t be your bank forever. Sorry! So one month following the completion of your project, your funds will need to be directed to a nonprofit partner, spent on project related expenses, or donated to us.

The cost

There is no cost to get started on any of the above. However, our arrangement stipulates that we’ll retain 20% of the funds raised in order to help us cover our costs, and support more Facing Projects in communities like yours. The Classy platform costs us several thousands dollars per year and 5% of all donations. So for each donation we’ll get 20% (5% of which will go to Classy) and you’ll get the remaining 80%.

There are other fundraising platforms out there, such as GoFundMe that are free and you are welcome to use them. They often charge a higher percentage per transaction and do not allow others to join your efforts as fundraisers themselves. We’ve looked at many of them and feel like Classy’s ticketing, pricing, and ability/ease to create peer-to-peer and donation pages is the best way to go.

Ready to get started? Email or call Kelsey at 937-423-3517