Branding Your Project

Because The Facing Project is creating a global movement of communities facing an issue through the stories of citizens and you’ve agreed to be a part of that process, we ask that you use The Facing Project logo and branding with all aspects of your project. This includes print and web.

Download a high-res jpeg of our logo to use with your marketing materials. 

The use of The Facing Project logo and name is a virtue of a non-exclusive license from us to you.

So please adhere to the standards below.

Naming your project

There are two formulas for naming a project

1) Facing [enter topic/issue] in [Your community]

Examples include: Facing Racism, Facing Addiction, Facing Perfectionism

This method works with issue-based projects that you want to face head-on. It’s best not to tiptoe around serious issues in your community, so this is our preferred method unless it sounds like it is demonizing a topic or group of people.

2) [insert project title] in [Your community]: A Facing Project

This method works for topic-based projects in which the topic itself isn’t inherently negative. For example, if we use the first method on a project on immigrants–Facing Immigrants–the title sounds like it is demonizing immigrants when that is not the intent. So deciding on a title such as “Immigrant Stories in Muncie, Indiana: A Facing Project” works much better.

The Logo

The Facing Project Logo



This is the static logo used by The Facing Project when showcasing the organization itself on a broad level. The Facing Project static logo font is “American Typewriter.” Please do not alter the font on the logo. We will provide communities with the logo, and ask that you use this same logo for your project with the addition of your theme in American Typewriter font.

For example, if your issue is domestic violence the branding of your project should look like this:

The Facing Project Logo

 Facing Domestic Violence in “Your City”

You can download this font type for free online through Font Squirrel at:

Out of all of the American Typewriter options on Font Squirrel, “Special Elite” works the best in print; though you may choose the typewriter font option that works the best for your project.

You can include your organization’s logo alongside The Facing Project logo. If more than one organization is sponsoring your project, we suggest including The Facing Project logo on the book cover and include logos of all sponsor organizations on the front inside cover. If you have an alternative idea for how your community would like to display the placement of the logo vs. the title of your community project, please contact The Facing Project for written approval.

The static logo should never be smaller than 1 inch in height and 5.4 inches in width. The typewriter font for your issue area should never be smaller than 22 point.

The color specs for the static logo are as follows –

Screenshot 2016-06-01 12.40.25

You may only exhibit the logo in these colors. You may print the logo in grayscale or black and white, but no other colors should be used to alter the logo.

Listing The Facing Project in your book

We ask that you include a blurb about The Facing Project in your book (whether in print or as eBook). Please use the following text:

The Facing Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that connects people through stories to strengthen communities. Founded in Muncie, Indiana, by J.R. Jamison and Kelsey Timmerman, the organization has connected writers, storytellers, artists, educators, and community leaders in over 100 communities across the country. Hailed by The Huffington Post, Harlem World Magazine, and Soul Train as one of three oral history projects to watch, The Facing Project provides a model, tools, coaching, and a platform for communities to arm themselves with stories to begin crucial conversations on social justice issues—neighbor to neighbor, community to community—by discussing solutions and exploring healing through their own narratives.

We appreciate the work you’re putting into your project, including your efforts to help us ensure The Facing Project looks the same in each community.