Book Design & Printing (Cost, layout, partners)

Printing is often the most expensive part of a Facing Project. But you don’t necessarily have to have books at all. It depends on the project. For Facing Bullying there are logical places for books to be available: libraries, schools, counsellor’s office. But for Facing Sex Trafficking? Where is the front lines of sex trafficking. That’s exactly the reason Atlanta’s Facing Sex Trafficking project chose to publish a digital book hosted on their site. But a digital book alone wouldn’t make sense for Facing Homelessness where an important portion of the stakeholders might not have access to a computer or the Internet.

Regardless if you go with an ebook or do a printing of 3,000 copies, you’ll need your book formatted and designed. Projects have hired designers (approximately $500-$1,000), recruited volunteer designers, and worked with printers that offered designing as well.

For each book we recommend the following sections:

  1. Foreword: Educates the reader about your project and the topic on a local, national, and or global level.
  2. Introduction: Written by those running your project or the project’s community partner.
  3. Stories: The stories and relevant photos make up the bulk of the book.
  4. Resources: A list of agencies and organizations that deal with the topic in your community along with their contact information.
  5. Acknowledgments: Include the names and logos of the individuals and organizations that helped sponsor your project or donate time or talents.

See Muncie’s Facing Autism Book for an example of a complete book.

We’d be happy to connect you with a printer we regularly use if you’d rather not handle this part of the project.


We received the quote below in the fall of 2014 to give you a rough idea of what a book costs based on size and paper quality.

Facing Project “Magazine” Book

  • Page Count: 48 page + Cover (13 sheets total)
  • Flat Size: 17 x 11
  • Finished Size: 8.5 x 11
  • Stock:
    • Cover: 100# Gloss Cover
    • Text: 60# Gloss Text
  • Ink: 4CP/4CP with Bleeds
  • Finishing: Collate, Trim, Fold, Saddle-Stitch


500 – $2,100

1000 – $2,500

2500 – $4,000

5000 – $6,500

Facing Project Perfect Bound Book

  • Page Count: 60 page + Cover
  • Flat Size: 28 x 20
  • Finished Size: 7 x 10
  • Stock:
    • Cover: 120# Accent Smooth Cover
    • Text: 70# White Accent Smooth Opaque Txt
  • Ink:
    • Cover: 4CP/0 with Bleeds
    • Text: 4CP/4CP with Bleeds
  • Finishing: Collate, Trim, Fold, Perfect Bind


500 – $4,000

1000 – $4,500

2500 – $7,000

5000 – $10,500

* Pricing does not include any applicable taxes, shipping, or composition fees.

If your project is housed on a campus or one of your partners is associated with a campus, consider reaching out to the campus’s printing services to see if a print job could be donated or reduced in cost.